Slot machines provoke addiction

One of the avid gamers, Kimmy, talked about what attracts her to the game: the ringing of the machine, sounds, music, gorgeous pictures on the screen, etc. All this brings great pleasure. How do video games affect casino visitors toto 4d malaysia?

The dispute between the supporters of the legalization of gambling continues. Both those and others give their arguments. And both solutions leave many questions unanswered.

American experience

In Illinois, local legislators have allowed gambling. The motive was to replenish the state budget and create additional jobs. The result of the decision of the authorities was the legalization of slot machines that already existed and were actually working illegally. The business owners have paid almost $ 800 million since the permit to operate. 

They are what games are installed on slot machines. If they are not included in the list of gambling games, then the number of machines is increased at their discretion. Players do not see any particular difference between them, the effect is the same – provoking addiction.

Advantages of legalizing gambling

According to the representative of the association, Mr. Gelatka, the advantages of the solution are obvious. The state budget received additional money. The resulting profit allows other payers not to understand taxes in the state. For example, in the city of Godfrey, an amount of 200 thousand dollars was contributed to the local budget within a month; in Alton, the authorities received 20 thousand dollars at their disposal during the same period.

Remaining questions

At the same time, businessmen note that the installation of slot machines is not always profitable. As one commercial real estate owner, Mr. Smith, said, it is more profitable for him to lease property. The opening of the gambling hall brought him nothing but losses. And now he leases the former game room to organizers of parties, dinners and other similar events. The profitability of the gambling hall depends on where in the settlement they are installed. Some have a lot of clients, others don’t. It is impossible to predict in advance the volume of the flow of people who want to spend time playing.

According to Mr. Gelatka, the development of the gambling business is pulling the hotel and restaurant business – they are closely related.

However, in his opinion, one should not forget about the consequences of addiction. Besides, provoking it is not that difficult. Almost everyone has psychological problems that he tries to drown out, and this is already fertile ground for the emergence of gambling addiction.

At the same time, there are services that provide assistance to people who are experiencing addiction, warn others about the possible consequences.

According to the head of the state association, despite the costs involved, permission to install slot machines brings more benefits than harm.