Ways to Increase Earnings in Social Gambling

The most common mistake operators make is looking for new customers instead of retaining and improving comfort conditions in an existing base. This is exactly what gambling Guy Hasson talked about in his interview about increasing profitability in social casinos with the help of existing players. He insists that within a month it is possible to increase the income by 10% without attracting new players.

For many years, the basis of the game was real money, which was invested by a participant in the gameplay. It is because of this approach that the difficulty arose. It directly concerns a player whose budget is not unlimited. The gambler is ready to continue the game, but finances do not allow him – this is the main task that needs to be solved.

This approach is quite acceptable, since directly involved from the real world. So in recent years there have been changes in slots that are aimed at increasing monetization several times. The reason was the change in characteristics, the provision of mini-games and other approaches that do not affect the loss of money in the game process.

What are you willing to pay for?

There are several strategies through which players will invest their funds. Those who are willing to risk large sums receive in return game coins with a large discount. So several thousand dollars turn into hundreds of millions for a gambler.

When the casino owner understands the structure of such an investment, the secrets of the entire system and the moves will be revealed to him, by taking which, you can achieve a large profit for your casino.

Holders of large funds invested in the game will be ready to play without stopping. This applies to the regulars who spend their nights at the gaming table. also, such players will value their status. Invest in it and protect it. The developers actively support the players, offering them new features, with the help of which the gambler reaches heights. And for such chips, as a rule, you have to pay extra.


Climbing the hierarchical game ladder, the player finds himself in a VIP club, the so-called “Billionaire Club”. Only those persons who have invested large sums in the game will get into this club.

Thus, the player begins to value the received status. And developers should pay attention to what conditions the player must fulfill in order to maintain this status.

Usually a minor loss of money results in a loss of prestige status. The player leaves the club, and all bonuses, privileges and discounts burn out.

However, who can now be surprised by simple prestige? After all, such a club is easy for members who do not have money. Who were just lucky to be in the right place at the right time. It is for such players that they need their own strategy, thanks to which they will try to stay in this club.

For this, it is important not only to get into the club, but to become a member of it. It is this status that gives all kinds of privileges for its owner.

The player should be able to replenish the balance to the required amount, thanks to which he finds himself in a closed VIP group. To do this, you need to set up an SMS notification and offer to deposit the required amount. A slight replenishment of the balance to the desired mark and the player remains with a privileged status in the game.

Club chips

There are people who react very painfully to failure. For such people, status is a huge indicator of their success. Thanks to this category of people, another strategy is being developed, for example, the closed Trillionaires Club. This is a club of the elite, only a limited number of people can get here. It is on this that Hasson sets up, proposing a theory for attracting existing customers.

Getting here, the player will feel and enjoy his greatness: a closed club, he is in a small number of participants, he has all the bonuses and discounts that are possible. Losing this status means practically losing everything. People for whom this position is important, they will try to stay at this stage and do everything possible to maintain their prestige.

But again, as soon as the monetization level is lowered, the player is immediately notified of the need to replenish the balance. And even if he never spends a trillion coins, he will still get to the right amount for the sake of his status.

Celebrating victory

It’s hard to rejoice alone. Therefore, gamers often post screenshots of their victories to prove their superiority in the game. At the same time, screenshots are laid out not only on their own page, there are whole fan clubs that reflect all kinds of victories of their members.

In this case, the amount of the win is not important, although the higher it is, the more pride the gamer feels. The posted photo with a huge win indicates that the gambler has money, who put everything on the line and won.

To support your player, allow him to make screenshots so that he can advertise for your establishment. The larger the winning amount is in the photo, the more likely it is to attract attention to your establishment. 

To summarize

All club names are conditional. Each owner builds the hierarchy of his establishment himself, where at each stage the player receives more and more privileges and bonuses. The gamer must be afraid of losing his status, but at the same time he must be confident in its restoration.

Such a stepwise scheme increases the casino’s income, and has nothing to do with slots. Retention of players, providing them with a full package of all kinds of services – that’s what Hasson is talking about.